Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist – Steel Pan (Lead), Guitar, 5-String Banjo, Percussion

Jazz, World, Adult Contemporary, Trop-Rock, Reggae, Salsa, Samba, Pop, Country, Folk, and moreā€¦

All net proceeds from downloads of my songs now go to funding the Standing Rock Tribe Water Protectors!
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Water is life! #NoDapl

Hello dear people! Thank you for visiting me. I do happen to be in right now, and delighted to have company. Would you like to share some thoughts, listen to some songs, and get off your feet? This is the place. You can just lean back with a happy sigh, and let your heart and mind enjoy the sounds, and the delightful image of my band performing scintillating world music. And we could do this live, and incredibly vibrantly and tastefully, at your next event!

And if you should arrive after I have gone elsewhere… I have to apologize for not updating this website more regularly. I will… I will… I have been so busy with performances, writing and recording, and other convolutions of life. The ones that provide the pithy writing material. You know how it gets sometimes.

I’ve been better at keeping my Facebook page updated with my articles, performances and photos. Please visit me there and say “Hi!”. If you ‘Like’ me, please let me know! I appreciate your feedback!

I can also be tweeted on Twitter and pinned (ouch!) on Pinterest. If you visit those realms, please say “Hello!”.

July 20
I’ve been cajoled, wheedled, coaxed, prevailed on, sweet-talked, urged, and inveigled to make and upload videos of my performances. OK, OK!!! Here is my fledgling YouTube channel. I will be sharing videos henceforward!
Thank you for caring and persevering, friends.

May 24
Whoah! I have been recognized as one of the Top 10 Jazz Bands in San Diego, CA on ReverbNation. I have been ranked #9 for the last week or so. (Oops… I have moved up to #5!) I am frankly astonished. There are so many fine Jazz artists I revere in San Diego.

May 21
I just got set up at this cool musical Campsite. Come visit and let me know how you like it! We’re having S’mores!

January 1
Happy 2012! Here is what I wish for you and for me!

Happy New Year! Here is what I wish for you and for me!

Hey! Nice to be back! It has been a while! Here is the scoop -

I am now the Musician Editor at BellaOnline, the second largest women’s website in the world. What a thrill! I am so pleased, I could sing out loud!! Well, of course, but anyway, what I mean is – this really rocks!

You can read my articles here. I hope you enjoy them! And you can subscribe to my newsletter, which announces when my weekly articles are published (and has absolutely NO spamming, ever!). AND you can write letters, comments and suggestions to me there, and join my Musician Forum to correspond on musician career related topics in more depth.

Oh, and while you are there, check out the other BellaOnline writers, who cover a vast number of useful and interesting subjects. BellaOnline is founded on honesty and integrity, and this makes it a great source for facts and good advice.

I was so busy I forgot to tell you about my interview by Jay Allen Sanford for the San Diego Reader! You can read it here. If you have any questions or comments I will be glad to see them and respond.

Sabira At HomeListening ~
I now have two music players on the left side of each page.
The first one features some of my original songs (and one bossa nova written by Jobim). The rest of the original songs will be there pretty soon, and all of them will be on my new CD. The second music player has demos of some cover tunes. More will soon be added there, too.

Good news - We are recording new songs very industriously. We had an unfortunate hard drive crash (for some reason both the drive AND the back-up crashed at about the same time), in which we lost several recordings that were nearly completed. That is why my recent playlists have been a bit skimpy. We are still resurrecting some of them.

But, it is actually a blessing in disguise. We now have new concepts and far superior recording technology to apply, so the songs will be even better! I am very excited about them!

Join my mailing list here -

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and you will receive announcements and get to hear the new songs as soon as they are uploaded, and be notified of every update.

Also see when and where my next performances will be at Eventful.com ! Well, right now I am mostly writing and recording. But Eventful will display my shows in the near future!

Sabira at Torrey Pines State Park

~ Jump in! The waves are perfect! ~

Sabira underwater

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